Boat Detailing

We provide high quality mobile boat detailing services to the Charleston area. 

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Protecting exterior surfaces is necessary to keep your boat looking its best. Each surface requires washing, cleaning, polishing, and UV protection. Our team is well trained to use the correct products for each surface being treated. We only use quality marine products. Each product we use is chosen specifically for your boat depending on the condition. We take pride in our knowledge of marine products and proper use of them. Proper detailing should be only done by professionals. Anyone with a bucket and a brush can clean a boat. However, without years of experience and knowledge of how marine products work, serious damage can be done to your vessel. Interlux wrote an exceptional article explaining the delicate process of detailing. You can read that here.

Cleaning and Oxidation Removal

  • Exterior washing
  • Oxidation removal topside and hull. Buffing with oxidation removal compounds depending on oxidation level
  • Wet sanding if required. Only for boats in poor condition
  • Application of chosen marine wax/polymers/polishes/glazes/sealers – applied for protection and shine
  • Rust stain, waterline, and black streak removal
  • Scuff mark removal
  • Mold and mildew removal
  • Clean inside all lockers and compartment
  • Clean and apply protectant to windows, isinglass and vinyl cushions

Polish and Protect

  • Stainless steel polishing
  • Apply appropriate protective coating/waxes/polishes to individual exterior surfaces – UV protection
  • Non-skid areas – clean while preserving non-skid functionality
  • Polish outboard engines
  • Polish prop
  • Clean inflatables & dinghies

Interior Detailing

  • Wipe down of all surfaces
  • Galley
  • Heads
  • Staterooms
  • Vacuum carpeted surfaces
  • Engine room detailing
  • Mold and mildew removal

We’re here for all of your boat detailing needs

Most boat owners schedule their boat for a complete detail twice a year. Once at the beginning of the season and again at the end.  Many want the service done before they sell their boat. Some even call us immediately after they have purchased a new boat and want it pristine from the beginning. Whatever schedule fits your needs, we are here for you.